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Dzaino is a Berlin based upcycling label for bags and accessories. All bags are unique handmade items, produced in Berlin and made out of textile waste. The production of Dzaino bags is fair, transparent, local and social.


According to our self-image as designers, our responsibility exceeds far beyond the actual design process. At Dzaino we want to create highly aesthetic products of exceptional quality while never losing sight of a fair, transparent and eco-friendly production process. We focus on appreciation of resources and work with techniques such as upcycling and redesign. We believe that also small labels make a difference.


Our items are truly local products. We buy our denim from a cooperation with Berliner Stadtmission, a charitable organisation serving people in need. Part of the preparation and manufacturing takes place at Delphinwerkstätten and faktura, two Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities. The other part takes place in our own studio in Berlin Mitte. We have a shop and showroom with office in this studio and a workshop studio in the back.



Dzaino’s design aesthetic focuses on a minimalistic use of form. Also, we have always been fascinated by the idea of redesigning existing material. We found our unique design approach by combining traditional patchwork techniques with used denim fabric. Rearranging the material to a clean look is at the core of our design process. We update craft techniques to create handmade, resource-friendly one of a kind pieces with a contemporary feel.


Julia & Hanna, friends for over 10 years and the founders behind Dzaino. We believe that a change in the fashion and textile industry is inevitable and we want to contribute with our work to that process. 

At Dzaino, Julia and Hanna are working closely together in management, productdesign and strategy. 


Julia Hermesmeyer
Co-founder, Head of Production, Quality Management & Customer Care.
Building on her apprenticeship in tailoring and her design studies Julia combines a creative work approach with a hands-on mentality. Her dedication to teaching yoga lead to Dzaino's initial product, the yoga mat bag. Julia is a passionate photographer and film maker. At Dzaino she is responsible for design, manufacturing, customer relationship and quality management. Have a look at Julias other projects:

Hanna Sin Gebauer
Co-founder, Head Communication Design & Marketing
Hanna is a Designer. While working at Korean label Re;code she discovered her passion for high quality upcycling design. Graphic Design and Illustrations are two of her talents. As a member of fff e.V./ Fashion Revolution Germany she is taking part in raising awareness for transparency in the fashion industry. At Dzaino she is responsible for design, marketing communication and sales. Have a look at Hannas portfolio here:


  • The first prototype and sample was made in 2014/2015 - a Yogamatbag from upcycled Jeans
  • Dzaino was founded in 2015 by Hanna Sin Gebauer & Julia Hermesmeyer in Berlin
  • Name and corporate identity are designed by the founders themselves
  • First productions takes place in Poland and in Berlin
  • Until 2017 Dzaino was run as a side project
  • In 2017 the first Dzaino Studio was openend in Berlin Neukölln (Nansenstrasse)
  • In 2018 Julia and Hanna quit their "money jobs" and decided to dedicate full time to their business
  • With the full-time founding in April 2018, Dzaino got re-structured and it's first businessplan. A new local production concept and collaborations with Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities make Dzaino a 100% local business since then.
  • In September 2018, Dzaino collected 22.500 in a crowdfunding campaign over startnext. Link
  • Dzaino moved with their studio to Berlin Mitte in Heinrich-Heine-Strasse 36

If you want to read more about the brands concept, download the brandbook here

We believe, that designers and brands must take responsibility for the entire supply chain of their products. #fairbylaw #fashionrevolution