Carry Your Cares. Carry Dzaino.

Care about the planet? So do we. #CarryYourCares and carry Dzaino.
Upcycling bags made in Berlin. 

In collaboration with writer/director Samantha Coggin and cinematographer/director Ashton Green, the campaign Carry Your Cares gave us the opportunity to support local creatives and be supported by them. And now, we want to continue using this campaign as a support system for other socially and environmentally conscious people and businesses. 

For us, caring looks like making sustainable bags that bring people joy without causing any harm to our world. Talking about the things that matter to us and how we show our care is a great way to promote togetherness and awareness.

We care about the planet by bringing textile waste back into the loop with our local upcycling concept. #CarryYourCares

With this campaign, we want to say thank you to everyone who is helping support each other throughout these challenging times — whether emotionally, financially, creatively or in other ways. Join our campaign from September 22nd by telling us who you are, what you care about and how you tend to those cares. 

So, how can you get involved?

It’s simple: beneath a photo or video post of your company, a product, yourself or something/someone you love, tell us what you care about by completing the sentence “Dear @Dzainostudio, we/I care about…” alongside the #CarryYourCares hashtag. Complete the sentence however you would like.

For example, if you’re a sustainable shoe company maybe you could say something like: “Dear @Dzainostudio, we care about reducing our carbon footprint. #CarryYourCares” 

Thanks for supporting #CarryYourCares to our friends from:


Want to be listed along these friendly businesses here too? Send us an email to hanna (at) Follow the hashtag #CarryYourCares to see what we, our friends and supporters care about

Crew and Credits

Carry Your Cares. Carry Dzaino
Campaign start Sep 22nd 2020

Writer and Co-Director: Samantha Coggin
Co-Director: Ashton Green
Director of Photography: John F. McClellan
Assistant Camera: Sonja Madani
Colorist: Arash Maleki
Models: Genesis Fulmer, Marissa J. Oswald, Hamza Beg
Behind the scenes Photography: Julia Hermesmeyer
Bags: Dzaino

Press contact
Hanna Sin Gebauer

Download backstage photos of the film shoot by Julia Hermesmeyer here