Dzaino’s design aesthetic focuses on a minimalistic use of form. Also, we have always been fascinated by the idea of redesigning existing material. We found our unique design approach by combining traditional patchwork techniques with used denim fabric. Rearranging the material to a clean look is at the core of our design process. We update craft techniques to create handmade, resource-friendly one of a kind pieces with a contemporary feel.

Photo Daniel Weigel

Dzaino at Bauernhof Grüna
Photos: Jasmine Deporta, Styling: Baykotbay, Hair & Make Up: Rak.out, Models: Elisa, Charlie, Miri, Laura, Karin.

Dzaino Bags
Photos: Daniel Weigel

Dzaino meets Haland
Photos: Daniel Weigel, Fashion: Janne Haland, Models: Marie, Karol, Michi.

Dzaino Yogamatbags
Photos: Dzaino, Models: Brandon & Malin.