There are many ways to sustainable entrepreneurship. Our approach is the reduction of waste by reusing and upcycling material.

Our items are truly local products. We buy our denim from a cooperation with Berliner Stadtmission, a charitable organisation serving people in need. Part of the preparation and manufacturing takes place at Delphinwerkstätten and faktura, two Berlin based workshops for people with disabilities. The other part takes place in our own studio in Berlin Mitte. We have a shop and showroom with office in this studio and a workshop studio in the back.

Bike Messengers

All transportation in Berlin is done by bike messengers to reduce CO2 emissions. Any additional material, service providers and partnerships that count into marketing, sales and distribution have to meet sustainability requirements.

Zero Waste

As part of our zero waste philosophy Dzaino cooperates with Berlin based weaver Miriam Meyer to create rugs out of remaining material. All denim rugs are unique items and can be ordered in required size via

Stock Management

To avoid overproduction we comply on our customer’s demand and don’t produce large stock. Mostly, we produce each bag right after an order was made.


We guarantee a repairing service for Dzaino products. Once the product is no longer useable we take care to return all materials to the recycling chain for reuse or eco-friendly disposal. In either case send us a message to